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In order to use our cart system you must have cookies enabled in your browser. If you are using a Pop-Up Blocker or Firewall software you could experience problems adding items to your shopping card. Simply allow or disable them.

My Shopping Cart is emptying items already added.

To Enable cookies in Internet Explorer version 6 up.

Here's How:

Your browser will need to be able to accept session cookies in order for the cart to function appropriately. We recommend you download the latest version of MS
Internet Explorer.

We have found the following steps below to be an effective solution. Instructions to change your MS Internet Explorer Browser Version 6.0+

  • In your MS Internet Explorer Browser
  • Click on "Tools" on the top Navigation Bar.
  • Then click on "Internet Options"
  • Within Internet Options, click on the tab called "Privacy"
  • The bottom section called called "Sites"
  • There will be a pop up box that is called "Per Site Privacy Actions"
  • In the box called "Address of Web Site" enter: The Url address of our site.
  • Then click on the button "ALLOW"
  • You will see the web site will be listed in the Managed Web Sites box.
    • Click on the "OK" Icon.

      When you are done with the above, Click APPLY then click OK. If you have further problems you are welcome to place your order by Phone. (see below)

      Adding to the Cart..

      You find item you wish to purchase, enter the QTY (default is 1) and click the shopping cart "Add to Cart" (icon).

      You must add each item to the cart system one at a time. You will receive a pop-up that says "Item added to cart" then click ok and continue to your next item.

      Our system requires the use of "Cookies" be sure your web browser has this feature enabled. If you experience problems adding items to the cart system you probably have Cookies Disabled in your browser. Cookies are an important internal part of the internet that remember (on your local machine) a unique identification and allow our cart to keep track of the items in your shopping cart. No credit card information is ever stored in your "Cookies"....

      Checking Out..

      At anytime during your visit, use the Check Out buttons or the link at the top of your page. You will be taken to the first of a 3 Step process to process your order. At that time you can:

      1. Edit the items in your cart.

      2. Delete items in your cart.

      3. Change the Qty of items in your cart.

      4. Check Out using your Credit Card via Secure Server.

      What about Shipping ?

      Our integrated system connects directly with UPS or the US Postal Service in "Real Time" during your check out. This provides the latest shipping fees to you according to the zip code you enter. Be sure the proper zip code is entered for the destination address during check out....

      What about Discounts ?

      Discounts are offered by our various merchans based on codes they wish to offer their clients. These codes are entered during the check out process by you. Discount is applied to your total.

      What about Editing my selections ?

      At any stage of the check out process you can edit the Qty of any of the items you are ordering. Should you decide to change any of the options for an item, you will need to remove that item from the cart by making the Qty "0" (zero) or by using the "Remove Items" button. If you just wish to change the Qty, just enter the number you desire and click "Recalculate". Then continue the Check Out process..

      How Secure is my Credit Card Information ?

      During the check out process, you will enter your shipping information, zip code, state and comments.. You will then click the Secure Order button and be taken to the Secure Server at ! This will be indicated by a small Lock Icon at the bottom of your screen. You can also confirm that you are using a secure method by noticing the (https) in the URL location. The "S" indicates Secure. Anything you send or receive at this point is encrypted by 128 bits to insure your security during transmit or reception of information. No Information concerning your credit card is kept on any of our servers... All of this information is housed at (One of the most secure Credit Card Transaction Gateways in the World). .

      Rest Assured your transaction is in good hands...

      When Will I receive my Order ?

      Orders received by our merchants are usually "In Stock" and are shipped the following business day. Depending on the shipping method you choose (default US Postal Service priority mail) you should receive your order in about 3-5 working days.
      (See our Live Service below) !

      How do I cancel an order ?

      Once you place your order, unless we receive notification within 1 hour of placing the order it is almost impossible to cancel. However, should you desire to do so telephone the merchant immediately.

      Stating your order number, amount of transaction, date and a list of products ordered. We will attempt to void the transaction.

      I have Questions, who should I contact ?

      Call or Email us via our Contact information posted on our site.